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We wanted to share our story and help guide others with similar struggles. God laid it on our hearts to establish TN Roots CBD, not only to glorify him, but to educate, advocate, and inform others of the holistic, healing powers of hemp. Our goal is to help others navigate their own journey by providing clarification on some of the many misconceptions regarding CBD. I want the world to know that HEMP HEALS!


Before purchasing any CBD product, please keep in mind that it is a federally unregulated product. I would suggest that you avoid having it shipped over state lines, as well. Products made in TN are regulated by the TN Department of Agriculture. I will not say that all TN made products are better than other out of state brands, but I personally feel safer using products made from TN Grown Hemp. Because they fall under the previously mentioned exceptions to the Schedule I status, there is no doubt that CBD products made in TN are 100% legal.

"Knowing your producer and whether they are legal and legitimate will be an important part of consumer research in a post-2018 Farm Bill world."
-Amber Salmon