CBD is one of over 560 compounds found in cannabis. 483 of these compounds are exclusively unique to the cannabis family.

Hemp and marijuana are different species included in the cannabis plant classification.

Hemp will not get you high, unlike its closely related cousin, marijuana.

Many of the claims made about CBD are inaccurate due to source specificity.

The products created from the cannabis plant, marijuana and hemp, are both called CBD oil. All of our products are made from HEMP.

There are numerous misconceptions and incorrect information regarding CBD. Most of the confusion arises due to non-specificity, unreliable sources, and greed. Figuring out the true differences between CBD, hemp oil, hemp seed oil, and all the other associated terms is a long, hard journey. It is even harder to determine what may or may not work for you or a family member. We encourage everyone to do their own research but remain mindful of hidden agendas and biased propaganda.